During the Year of Mercy receive texted prayers from Brothers Vocation to pray with us and other Brothers and Lasallians.


We’re inviting you to join in praying with us during this Year of Mercy. Sign-up to receive short prayers texted or emailed to you. Text @fscprayer in the body of a text message and send to 81010 or to receive via email send an email to fscprayer@mail.remind.com. It’s that simple!

We hope you sign up and join in sharing prayer with Lasallians, Brothers and Partners, young people in discernment and others. May this be a nice addition to your prayer and spiritual practices this year!

April Prayers

April 30-

“Thank you, Jesus, for bringing me this far. In your light, I see the light of my life… Thank you, Jesus, now & always.” -Nicholas of Cusa

April 29-

“Let us open our eyes & see the misery of the world… let us recognize we are compelled to heed their cry for help!” -Pope Francis, 4.11.15

April 28-

God, you call us to work and to rest in your presence. May we make time to rest and reflect on how we express love to you and others.  Amen.

April 27-

God, inspire us with a spirit of faith and zeal; both the passion for the God of salvation and the passion for those to whom You sends us.

April 26-

According to our vocation, God, may we use our gifts, time, talents as a ministry and witness to others building up the People of God. Amen.

April 25-

May I seek sustenance in the Word of God today & take time for reflection & sharing the Good News with others Scripture: http://rmd.me/k9fRa

April 24-

Lord, we pray for those who are sick, weary, dying & suffering. Show your mercy and love to them and to each of us that we may know your presence.

April 23-

“Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus responds by teaching them the Lord’s Prayer, also called the Our Father- Let us pray. http://rmd.me/k5oyX

April 22-

Where did your faith journey begin? Contemplating our journey, may we also look to Scripture and the call & journeys of the first disciples.

April 21-

God of life, you invite us to respond to your call with gratitude, hope and courage.  May you open our hearts to deepen our response to you.

April 20-

God, you invite us to a personal relationship based on dialogue and manifested in our love for others. May we nourish our relationship today.

April 19-

God, you call each of us to holiness and to share in the responsibility for the mission of evangelization.  Open us today more to this call.

April 18-

In a spirit of faith & with ardent zeal, inspire me, Lord, to serve others. May I commit myself more today to seeking your guidance and will.

April 17-

I love you, Lord, let your will be done in me & in all of your creation. May I give myself more to you, recognizing your presence in all I do.

April 16-

God, I want to be where I can make a difference, where I can enrich the lives of others. Help me discover the gifts you have graced me with.

April 15-

Reflection:  Where have we recognized the Good News this week?  How have we witnessed and proclaimed the Gospel through our words and deeds?

April 14-

In clarity & courage, walk with us Jesus, to learn your call for us. In trust & gratitude, help us live faithfully our response to your love.

April 13-

Loving God, help us to be faithful, responding creatively to your call for us with open eyes and a burning heart to live & witness our faith.

April 12-

God, we all have a common vocation to holiness & share responsibility for evangelization. May we learn more each day your call for us.

April 11-

Grant us God, the ability to see with eyes of faith, to judge & to act, understanding all of the realities of life in the light of the Gospel.

April 10-

The disciples recognized the Lord Jesus in the breaking of the bread, alleluia. Take time with today’s scriptures…  http://rmd.me/jbCGN

April 9-

“We are called to show mercy because mercy has first been shown to us” Pope Francis. In prayer & action may we all embrace the call to mercy.

April 8-

God speak to us… in the joy of our life… in the challenge of our life.. in our hope… in our mourning… may your presence transform us.

April 7-

How have I been intentional in making time to respond to God in prayer this week? How is God calling me to be a person of hope & compassion?

April 6-

We give thanks to God always. May we be examples of this spirit of gratitude in the communities we belong and together encourage one another.

April 5-

Be Brother. Be Sister. In our common dignity and humanity as believers, may we witness the Gospel through service to our brothers and sisters.

April 4-

Holy Spirit, breath life into me today. May I look upon all with eyes of faith and may a spirit of faith animate all my actions and conduct.

April 3-

God of wisdom – be with me – work in me – act in me – speak in me – that all my words – and deeds – and plans – are open to your will.

April 2-

Jesus, give me a genuine desire to serve you.  Enable me to recognize the daily opportunities to reach out to those in need as I follow you.

April 1-

Lord God, may we encounter your mercy and compassion in those we meet, especially those on the margins.  Help us witness your Gospel always.