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What was significant about the day?

Knowing that the ceremony in which I was going to be professing Final Vows was going to be in the midst of a District-wide gathering, made me a little apprehensive and somewhat anxious.  I remember that my immediate reaction when I learned this was, “seriously?”When the time came to go up to the altar and face the congregation, I saw a good number of Brothers, family, and friends.  Some of the Brothers there met me when I was a volunteer in Camden and had accompanied me at certain times throughout my formation process.

During the “accolade” each time one of these Brothers embraced me, it was as though a flashback of sorts rushed through my mind and heart.  All those experiences in community and ministry–and beyond–have taken part in making me who I am today.  There were some friends with whom I ministered that had a role in it as well.

How do the Vows enrich/deepen your call to mission and ministry as a Brother?

Ever since I became a member of the Lasallian family (as a Lasallian Volunteer) the Vow of Association grabbed my attention.  I have been tremendously blessed to work side by side (and sometimes live in community) with some great people who espouse and personify our Lasallian charism and are faithful to the Mission.  Some of them have been doing it longer than I have lived on this planet.  And each year, each experience, has allowed me to not only work with them but to learn from them a great deal.

The vows help me to be in the right frame of mind and heart, and to know in the most profound way and in the deepest fiber of my entire being that I have been utterly blessed by having the opportunity to participate in this important mission in a unique way.  Our loving and compassionate God will provide the essential means for it to continue because “the need for this Institute is very great” as it was back in France in the 17th century and still rings true today.

brother anwar

Brother Anwar Martinez, FSC

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