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We’re inviting you to join in praying with us during this Year of Mercy. Sign-up to receive short prayers texted or emailed to you. Text @fscprayer in the body of a text message and send to 81010 or to receive via email send an email to [email protected]. It’s that simple!

We hope you sign up and join in sharing prayer with Lasallians, Brothers and Partners, young people in discernment and others. May this be a nice addition to your prayer and spiritual practices this year!

August Prayers

August 30-

Spirit of God, fill me with love for your blessed Word. Consider what impact the Scriptures have made in your life.

August 29-

Jesus your message calls us to be people of hope & in the spirit of the beatitudes, pay special attention to being with those on the margins.

August 28-

“God, in your goodness, you have made a home for the poor” Psalm 68. How am I being called to serve my neighbor today? God, open us to serve.

August 27-

May God move within us and give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to do the work ahead. May we walk and preach the word of God to all.

August 26-

“The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together” -Pope Francis,  bit.ly/2aCFpk0

August 25-

God-Help us to see our vocation both as an act of response to what you are doing in our lives & an invitation to be participants in the work.

August 24-

How do I really recall that I am in God’s presence? Do I or we “say our prayers” or do we pray? How do we deepen our spiritual lives?Reflect.

August 23-

God, as I enter this day, give me grace so that I am able to say that is it no longer I who live but that it is Jesus Christ who lives in me.

August 22-

Being brothers & sisters to each other we make the Reign of God visible. In heart & mind & action let us be visible witnesses of God’s love.

August 21-

“For behold, some are last who will be first, & some are first who will be last.” Today’s Gospel.  Take some time to reflect: bit.ly/2ahNd6z

August 20-

God, fill my soul with joy, courage, and strength to serve you. Enkindle your love in me and walk with me the next stretch of road before me.

August 19-

God awaken us to a shared concern for human life, compassion for the suffering, commitment to justice, peace and the protection of creation.

August 18-

Creator God, you invite us into the work of your creation. May our work creatively & faithfully engage us in building up your Kingdom. Amen.

August 17-

Life-giving God, may I be led this day to a deeper relationship with you, realizing more fully my human and spiritual potential & your call.

August 16-

My God, I offer you all my thoughts, words, and actions of this day, that they may be wholly committed to you & growing your love in my life.

August 15-

God, life-giving is my relationship with you! Through your Word, liturgy, & the sacraments you prepare me evermore to be your disciple. Amen.

August 14-

“Lord, come to my aid! And he put a new song in my mouth, a hymn to our God. Many shall look in awe & trust in the Lord” – Psalm 40: 2-4, 18

August 13-

Grant us, O Lord, the gift of modesty. When we speak, teach us to give our opinion quietly and sincerely. Help us in success to be grateful.

August 12-

Can we move beyond our comfort zones today? We know it can be difficult & unsettling, but as people of faith we know doing so will bring joy.

August 11-

Attentive to the calling of God, we seek to discern our vocation and how God is inviting us to engage our(God’s) world for this time & place.

August 10-

God, help me to enter into dialogue with you. In this dialogue may I grow in self-knowledge-open & receptive to God’s call to come and serve.

August 9-

Remind yourself that God is with you. Let us be mindful of the role our faith plays in our day-to-day activities and in our relationships…

August 8-

Personally, professionally, spiritually- How am I growing/ Improving skills, relationships, the witness of my life & strengthening my faith?

August 7-

Take time to reflect on the role of your parents and others who passed on their faith to you.  God of my ancestors, help me to cling to you.

August 6-

O God, it is you alone I love, you alone I follow, you alone I seek, you alone I am ready to serve. Heal and open my ears to hear your voice.

August 5-

What we see and hear depends on where we stand. So perhaps the first response to Jesus’ challenge is for us to stand in a different place…

August 4-

“Vocation is not merely about doing a good thing but rather the right thing”-Gordon Smith. God, help us to focus on you & discover our call.

August 3-

Reflect today-How does the Gospel affect my life? Can I name ways that it would be evident to others that my life is based on Gospel values?

August 2-

Mericful God, grant me an increase in faith so that I may have hope and love in abundance. May the Good News of Jesus animate my life today.

August 1-

“God calls me through others for others.” – Edward Hahnenberg. May we be open to the Holy Spirit at work in our lives through our community.