I am Nathan Ledoux, a freshman at The Catholic University of America, studying Theology and French with a minor in Philosophy. Last spring, I graduated from La Salle Academy Providence, Rhode Island where I attended the PEGASUS ⅞ middle school program and high school. At La Salle Academy, I met amazing Brothers and Lasallians.

I am proud to have attended this school, where from day one, the Lasallian ideals of faith, service, and community were instilled in myself and fellow classmates.


img_1081The phrase “Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God,” is not only a call to prayer, but a symbolic statement of faith that Lasallians around the world not only speak, but live. Along with “Live Jesus in our hearts… forever!” the words of that Lasallian prayer are what interested me in the life of Brother: their vocation, their ministry, and the many fascinating ways in which they reach out to the world to work for the education of all.

I decided to join the Contact Program in order to stay in contact with people who know and understand my background as a Lasallian, and also to become more acquainted with Brothers and Lasallians around the country, especially those in the Washington, D.C. area.



Recently, I had the opportunity to join Br. Francis Eells and a student from St. John’s College High School for his Discovery Day. We joined the Brothers’ Community at Chestnut Street for evening prayer and dinner. Being a part of this program is helping me to discern God’s calling in my life and to keep me on track in school. By keeping daily prayer in my life and having mentors and friends helps me to use the values and lessons I was taught in middle and high school and keep them alive!

I am thankful each and every day to God for giving me mentors and educators inspired and devoted to the way of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Live Jesus in our Hearts… Forever!






by Nathan Ledoux