Brother Dylan Perry

Novice, Midwest District

Memphis, TN

What was your first experience of the Brothers?

I met the Brothers in high school. Growing up in a city with a small Catholic population and having gone to public school previously, I was immediately struck by the way in which Brothers and Lasallian Partners live out the Gospel as a call to action. Experiencing that kind of living faith at such an early age has always stuck with me.

What was significant for you in discerning with the Brothers?

This past year I was teaching middle school in Tulsa. Being in a city with only a few Brothers and in a ministry that had not previously employed a Brother, I had to explain the Brothers to a lot of people and “Be Brother” to my students and colleagues in a way that showed them what we are about. My feelings as I was “Brothering” and the reactions of those around me was very affirming for me.

Discernment is a process. How has your discernment journey led you one step at a time (maybe in a way you didn’t foresee in the beginning)?

Seeing this kind of slow revelation of God’s will in my life has in itself been an affirmation of my connection to this charism and to my call to religious life. There have been so many small ways that I have been gently guided, invited, and prodded back to education, the church, and the Lasallian Family. For me it has been impossible to understand my journey without the imperceptible guidance of the Spirit.

How do you see your Novitiate shaping the way you live your vocation as Brother?

I am looking forward to the inter-congregational novitiate programming. Sharing and learning from other congregations in the Church will, I believe, help me to situate my vocation and ministry with in the context of the global Church.

What is exciting/energizing for you about religious life?

I am energized by the prophetic nature of religious life in the church. Being called to live out or baptismal promises in a radical way, we are compelled to lead by example and help the rest of the laity to move the church into its best possible future. As a De La Salle Brother, I am excited to accomplish this with the support of community and in the context of education (in and out of the classroom).