Pray daily as a family in thanksgiving, for guidance, for forgiveness.

Talk with your children about their worries and concerns; their hopes and dreams.

Share meals together as often as possible.

Tell stories about family history-the good and the bad.

Decide together your family goals and what your biggest do’s and don’ts are.

Be active in your parish and your community. Encourage your children to participate.

Teach family members to fight fair and forgive easily.

Talk about your faith and the men and women, including sisters, brothers, and priests, who have had an important influence on you.

Work to reduce stress among all family members. Have fun and play together each day.

Encourage your children to be creative and compassionate and know that those are the greatest of God’s gifts.


National Religious Vocation Conference,

The Role of the Family in Nurturing Vocations to Religious Life and the Priesthood