Our Lasallian charism is a gift of the distinctive spirit, character and vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle.


Rooted in the Lasallian mission, the Lasallian charism is spirit of faith that gives rise personally and communally to a spirit of zeal.

This spirit (charism) draws those involved into community and inspires educators “to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.” –Rule, Ch.1, Art.1

Our charism offers an invitation for women and men in all states of life—consecrated, married, ordained, and single —receive the Holy Spirit’s gifts through their association with the Lasallian mission.

Today, lay people who are not vowed religious associate themselves with the Lasallian mission.

Living a spirit of faith and zeal, as Brothers and with our Lasallian Partners, we embrace a spirituality rooted in: a spirit of community and relationship, faith and zeal, and a practical understanding that God calls us together to witness the Gospel together associated for a common mission.

Living the Gospel and incarnating it as we proclaim it, such is the basis of our vocation; this is its value and necessity in the world of today.

Lasallian spirituality has certain points of emphasis, which make it a distinct spiritual way. Certainly, these same elements are found in other forms of spirituality, but the founder uniquely integrated them in the light of his experience, in order to help his Brothers live their vocation, which was something new in the Catholic Church.