Lasallian Family


I Am Lasallian

“I am Lasallian. I am Lasallian 24 hours a day–in my work, with my family, when I pray. The values I hold, the person I try to be, the work I do and the relationships I have are all lived within this context. Being Lasallian is where I find God and it is where I am called to try and live as faithfully as I can the values of the Gospel.”

— Circular 461

Our Lasallian family extends to include all people involved in sharing in and carrying out the Lasallian educational mission around the world.

Women and men, young and old, people of different faith traditions associate themselves in a way to respond flexible to the needs of young people in our times and understanding there is unity in diversity in how our mission and charism is lived out.

From all states of life (religious, married, single) we are all called to deepen our spirituality and commitment through the shared inspiration of recognizing how our personal, professional and spiritual lives connect to the founding story of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the first Brothers.

Association is a means of responding with creativity to needs and accompanying others on their journeys. We can work with others to respond to the needs of those that we minister to, while at the same time working with our peers to continue formation and deepen their commitment to the Lasallian mission.


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