Meet the Brothers


Brother Tom Johnson, FSC

Man of Many Roles

Through international experiences of the Institute, no matter the continent, culture, or language, Brother Tom has felt at home. He is a Brother’s Brother who has served in a variety of administrative settings—school, district, regional, international—he never puts business ahead of person, and always finds time to be present to people first.

‘‘Brothers talk about faith, service and community…each aspect nourishes me. My faith plays a very important role, and I sense that now more than any other time in my life. More than an option, religious life is a call. There is something about teaching as vocation that you know you have to do this because it is who you are. It isn’t, Should I be a brain surgeon or be a Brother? It is enchanted—you have to do it. It’s an option but its not an option, its understanding who you are.”

Meet Other Brothers

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