Meet The Brothers


Brother Michael Phipps, FSC

Guide for Young on their Journey

The more his life progressed, the more the Brothers became an increasingly larger part of Brother Michael’s life. Introduced to the Brothers in high school, Brother Michael was initially impressed by their dedication to the mission of education. Then as a Lasallian Volunteer, to live and work alongside the Brothers and see them as humans, each with their personal story and interests, yet all apart of a vibrant religious community. As a school counselor, Brother Michael has modeled what the Brothers saw in him, through their commitment, willingness to walk with him, discern with him and support him with his own students.

“One word to describe my vocation story: spontaneous. Everything about it seems spontaneous, yet if I reflect back the steps are clear. As De La Salle writes, choice by choice, decision by decision, God was moving me in this direction. I reflect back two or three years and can’t imagine being where I am and I think that’s spontaneity and a clear expression of God at work.”

Meet Other Brothers

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