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Postulant Profile, Bro. Kyle


Washington Heights, New York

Current Ministry:

West Catholic Preparatory High School

My first connection to the Brothers was…

My first connection to the brothers was through Br. Edward Shields my junior year of college. Our common point of connection was through a Seton Hall professor we both knew. That summer I would go on to become a Contact. Upon graduation I became a live-in volunteer aspirant, then took a year to teach freshman and sophomore theology followed by application to the Postulancy.

In the Brothers I see…

Men dedicated to a common pedagogical and faith-oriented mission to journey with the youth.

When I started thinking about my life and my call (when I started discerning)…

I was involved in community service and began thinking of the vocation of a teacher. I realized it is a valiant vocation through my experience teaching secondary education.

My experience as a Brother, in the Postulancy stage of formation, has enriched my spiritual life…

Through a consistent daily prayer routine nourished by a supportive and encouraging community. In my daily apostolic work with the youth alongside faculty and staff oriented towards the service of others. The humbling nature of the work we do inspires me to develop a deeply seeded faith life in order to ground my thoughts, works, and mind in the Catholic Christian principles and values inspired by the Lord.

Sharing community and ministry as a Brother is life-giving because…

The community here on earth brings us all closer to the true heavenly community of angels, saints, and our universal family.


Reading, cooking and going for walks

Favorite Reads:

The Scriptures, Richard Rohr, Joan Chittister

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